Welcome to Hangar 47!

Hangar 47 is a community for flight simulation enthusiasts to engage in civil aviation simulation in the most realistic manner possible.

The Hangar 47 group currently uses Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plan 11 to take out missions in-game that emulate real world aviation and communicate with a live ATC for the most realistic experience.

To learn more about the group, continue reading below, and if you wish to join, please click the "Join Now" button in the header.

Modules We Use

As with just about any other simulator out there, the flight simulation community would be nothing without the various projects, both free and paid, that the vast community puts time and effort into. We continuously search for various modules that can add depth and flavor to our flying experience and provide our group with the highest quality flights as possible.

Through the use of live ATC, world economy simulation, and shared cockpit modules, we are able to simulate, to great lengths, the full experience of flying, whether it be commercial or general aviation. The basic modules we require are free, but vastly increase the realism of the simulators. They are...

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