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Welcome to HQ47! Thank you for stopping by our page. Please look around and explore what is HQ47.

HQ47 offers very distinct levels of simulation play built around 3 simulation titles. HQ47 gives members old and new the chance to be part of a community. Cooperating alongside other team members in Eagle Dynamics’ Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), Cloud Imperium Gaming’s (CIG) Star Citizen (SC), and finally Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020 (MFS2020). All though these 3 titles are at the head of our community, interest does not stop there alone. With the many gaming titles throughout the world it is our hope to usher more titles in the future that we simulation enthusiasts enjoy!

Through a rank and recognition system HQ47 hopes to identify and recognize members who have taken a more involved path to becoming part of our community. We are actively searching for potential leaders or potential members who can answer the call and join HQ47 leadership; contact us for more details! It is with the vision of leaders and idealists that we can usher in an era of simulated gaming enjoyable for all. Whatever your interest might be, we here at HQ47 will do our best to offer something for everyone!

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Combined Joint Task Force 47

Combined Joint Task Force 47 (CJTF-47) is a virtual military unit within DCS World dedicated to studying the most accurate military simulation practices possible, within the confines of the simulated combat environment.

CJTF-47 uses a thorough training structure to ensure each pilot is not only well versed in the basics of flight, but also airfield navigation, and communication.

Each pilot will be required to train in one primary airframe of choice so they can become a master of it's systems and be as deadly accurate as possible. Choosing a primary airframe doesn't limit you to flying more of the birds you love, once trained, pilots will contribute as part of the team in various missions as well as professional competitive events and display air superiority.

CJTF-47 offers a rank and recognition system where all pilots and ground operators will have the opportunity to make their way from a Cadet to Commanding Officer, and add to our ranks of prominent leaders.

It is one of our goals to spark the interest of all new to DCS and combat simulations. We hope to interest not only those new to the community, but to the old dawgs as well.

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Fleet 47

Fleet 47 “The United Federation of Species” is a civilization within Star Citizen that is welcoming members of all styles of gameplay.

The growing community provides endless opportunities for whatever way you wish to play the game.

Fleet 47 is looking for members who can bring ideas and forethought to create a dynamic civilization that can successfully function throughout the myriad of gameplay possibilities.

Are you a pirate looking to disrupt trade routes and fill your pockets? Do you plan on running your own mining and refinery corporation? Are military operations and fleet security your thing? Whatever way you choose to put your mark on the universe, Fleet 47 will be there to support one another and make sure your venture succeeds.

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Hangar 47

Hangar 47 is our civil aviation group, where users fly in games such as Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 11.

Through shared cockpits or even just single player gameplay, members enjoy flying general aviation, commercial routes, and anything in between that provides an authentic simulation experience.

Take to the skies without fear of being shot down by an enemy aircraft or being taken over by pirates, dodging sam sites or losing your money because of a 30k server error. Fasten your seatbelts, put your seat in its upright position, and ensure all overhead baggage is secure; join Hangar 47 today!

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